Understanding the log window

    WX Logger displays each packet of weather data as it is sent by the base station. WX Logger's primary purpose is to log weather data to a disk file. The onscreen display is provided so you can verify that the base station is sending data and get a sense of the current trends and values.

    Each data packet is displayed on a single line. The display begins with the date and time the packet was received, followed by the type of information the packet contains. The packet types are: Inside, Outside, Wind, and Rain. These correspond to each of the WMR918's sensors.

    Note: Much more information for each sensor is written to the log file. The displayed information is just a subset of what's available. See Understanding the Log File for details.

    The display window shows 500 entries, about 1 hours worth of information.

Inside sensor data

    Inside data displayed:
    Temperature (celsius or Fahrenheit)
    Relative humidity
    Dew point
    Barometric pressure (millibars)

Outside sensor data

    Outside data displayed:
    Temperature (celsius or Fahrenheit)
    Relative humidity
    Dew Point

Wind sensor data

    Wind data displayed:
    Average speed of recent gusts (miles or meters per sec.)
    Current gust direction
    Current gust speed
    Maximum gust speed today
    Time of maximum gust
    Wind chill temperature

Rain sensor data

    Rain data displayed:
    Current rain rate per hour (inches or millimeters)
    Maximum rain rate today
    Time of maximum rain rate
    Total rain today (inches or millimeters)
    Total rain yesterday (according to base station)

Trends, Highs, and Lows

    If a sensor data value is in bold, that value is rising from the last value reported from the sensor. A value in italic indicates a falling trend.

    Daily highs and lows are displayed at the bottom of the WX Logger window. The time the record was reported by the sensors is also displayed. Total rainfall for the day, and the highest recorded wind gust are also displayed. All of these values are automatically reset at Midnight, or when WX Logger is quit.