Understanding the log file

    Every 5 minutes, WX Logger saves all of the current weather data to text file called "WX Data Log". This file is located in the same directory as the WX Logger application.

    Every day at Midnight, WX Data Log is renamed with the date and a new data log is created. For example, at 12:01AM on July 26, 2000, the existing file is renamed to "07/25/00 WX Log" and a new WX Data Log is created.

    Note that this only happens at Midnight. If WX Logger is not running, the renaming and new log file creation will not occur.

    Values are in metric or imperial measurements, depending on the setting you've made in WX Logger Preferences.

    Each log file can be as large as 50-60K in length. Make sure you have enough hard disk space available for the logs.

    The rainfall totals and rates are calculated by the base station, not WX Logger. Be sure the date and time on your base station is set correctly. Note that total rainfall must be manually reset on the base station, otherwise it just keeps accumulating.

Log file format

    Each value is separated with a comma. The last value on each line is followed by a linefeed:
    Month of this log entry (1-12)
    Day of this log entry
    Inside Temperature
    Maximum Inside Temperature
    Time of Max Inside Temperature (OO:00 AM)
    Minimum Inside Temperature
    Time of Min Inside Temperature (00:00 AM)
    Inside Humidity
    Maximum Inside Humidity
    Time of Max Inside Humidity (00:00 AM)
    Minimum Inside Humidity
    Time of Minimum Inside Humidity (00:00 AM)
    Inside Dew Point
    Inside Barometric Pressure (mb)
    Outside Temperature
    Maximum Outside Temperature
    Time of Max Outside Temperature (OO:00 AM)
    Minimum Outside Temperature
    Time of Min Outside Temperature (00:00 AM)
    Outside Humidity
    Maximum Outside Humidity
    Time of Max Outside Humidity (00:00 AM)
    Minimum Outside Humidity
    Time of Minimum Outside Humidity (00:00 AM)
    Outside Dew Point
    Current gust speed
    Current gust bearing (in compass degrees)
    Current gust direction (N,NW,S,E,etc)
    Average speed of recent gusts (as reported by station)
    Maximum gust speed
    Time of Max Gust (00:00 AM)
    Wind Chill Temperature
    Current rainfall rate
    Number of times rain sensor has emptied itself
    Maximum rainfall rate
    Time of Minimum Rainfall Rate (00:00 AM)
    Total Rain Today (as reported by station)
    Total Rain Yesterday (as reported by station)