WX Logger monitors and records weather data from a WMR918 wireless weather base station attached to your Mac's serial port. It displays real-time weather info and keeps track of daily high temperatures, wind gusts, and total rainfall. Most importantly, it periodically saves detailed weather data to a log file for processing by another application.
You must have a Power Macintosh, an Oregon Scientific WMR918 weather station, and Mac OS 8.6 or greater.
WX Logger's log file is in plain-text, comma-delimted format that can be easily imported into databases, spreadsheets, and charting utilities. It can also be processed with AppleScript, allowing you to easily incorporate up-to-date weather information in your Home Automation or similar systems.
For detailed information, see the documentation.
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WX Logger 1.0b (350K hqx format)

WX Logger is free for personal and non-commercial use. See the documentation for more information.
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