Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) about WX Logger.

This is a supplement to the onscreen help. Have you looked at it yet?

Q: My Mac has USB, will WX Logger work with it?

A: Yes, connect your weather station to your Mac using a Keyspan USB to Serial Adapter. Use the Keyspan software to configure the Adapter's port as "Modem" or "Printer". Then, in WX Logger, select either "Modem" or "Printer" as appropriate. I use the Keyspan 4-Port Serial Adapter with an iMac, works great. Other brands may work too. You can learn more about the adapters at

Q: Does WX Logger work with other kinds of Weather Stations?

A: I have an Oregon Scientific WMR-918 wireless weather station. It works with that one. It will not work with the WM-918 (the wired version). That station uses a different protocol, and WX Logger doesn't understand it.

Q: Does WX Logger work with the Oregon Scientific WMR-968 weather station?

A: Probably. Others have reported that it does. The WMR-968 is a newer model of the 918, as far as I can tell. Oregon Scientific won't communicate with developers, and I don't have one of these models, so I can't make any promises. If you try it and find that it does not work, let me know so I can update this information. But, I think it will work.

Q: What about other brands?

A: The WMR-918 station is actually made by a German firm. Oh, and Radio Shack sells a version of it too. WX Logger probably works with those. Can't say for certain. If it's wireless and appears to be based on the same platform as the Oregon Scientific station, you're probably home free. Sorry I can't be more definite, but I only have one station so that's all I can truly verify.

Q: Are extra sensors supported?

A: No, just the standard set of sensors included with the weather station. If you add another sensor, the data will be ignored by WX Logger.

Q: Does it run on Mac OS X?

A: No, you need Mac OS 8.6 or later. Nor will it work in the Classic environment. This is due to lack of serial port access under Mac OS X. If RealBasic ever figures that out, I might compile a new version for use on OS X. Let me know if this would interest you.

Q: Is it stable?

A: It has been running every day, 24 hours a day, for nearly 2 years on my PowerBook 5300. The computer gets restarted once a week. It hasn't glitched up yet.

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