One foot in the grave

The Chicago Tribune reports on the demise of printed magazines as more publications cease their "dead tree" editions and focus solely on providing Web-based content. That's what InfoWorld has done, but if your a print-lover it's easy to dismiss that example because of the publication's audience of computer professionals. Clearly, IT people don't mind getting their news online, particularly when it results in fresher stories.

However, the article also discusses publications for "regular" people that are making the same move. Magazines for parents, and the girlie magazine FHM. Overall, the industry is facing declining readership and rising costs, but the trends for online readership are growing at a remarkable rate. A quote from one magazine publisher sums it up well:

"The reason I got into this field is I always loved magazines," [...] "But that's not the way people consume information these days. Online is easy, convenient. It's right in front of you. For better or worse, that is the way things are going."

Posted: April 12, 2007 link to this item, Tweet this item, respond to this item