More mockumentation from VW

I've been enjoying the "Backseat Driver's Manual," a promotional piece for the VW Jetta. There's some irony in using fake documentation to attract attention, given how most people feel about manuals, but the writing is sharp and clear so aside from the content, it has an edge over most "real" manuals.

Here's an excerpt from Your Roles And Responsibilities:

The number one job of the backseat driver is assisting the driver in the navigation of the vehicle. But the job doesn't stop there. Below is a list of roles and responsibilities that may or may not be a part of the backseat driver's duties.


Blind Spots: It is the job of the backseat driver to "clear" the blind spot of the driver due to any exterior obstacles that is blocking his or her view. You are the eyes in the back of the driver's head. Figuratively, of course.

Regulating the Rear Cabin Temperature: It is the backseat driver's job to make sure the climate of the rear cabin is at a comfortable temperature for all backseat passengers. This information must then be relayed to the driver or shotgun.

Food Distribution: Any handling or distribution of food is not the job of the backseat driver. That falls under the duties of shotgun.

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