The going rate

The WritersUA annual survey for 2007 shows a slight increase in the average salary of technical writers. It's now up to $73K, but like all averages, is subject to the sample size and participation in the survey. The WritersUA survey is undoubtedly the best assessment out there, however, and it's well worth reading for the insights it offers.

For example, when it comes to gender women tech writers continue to outnumber men, yet they earn, on average, 3.5% less. This is slightly better than the 5% disadvantage women faced in 2006, however.

Another tidbit is that Northern California and Massachusetts-based writers continue to earn the most, with Florida and Missouri holding the bottom rungs. Not all states are represented, WritersUA wisely knows where their data isn't robust, and this is a very nice service they continue to provide the industry. If you missed the opportunity to participate, sign up for their worthwhile newsletters and you will be notified when the next survey opens.

Posted: March 7, 2007 link to this item, Tweet this item, respond to this item