Watch and learn

If you're a Mac-using trainer, demonstrator, or teacher you'll definitely want to consider buying Mouseposé 2 from Boinx Software. It utilizes Mac OS X's "Quartz Extreme" graphics capabilities to give you set of tools for highlighting small areas of the screen using a spotlight-type effect. It also adds a graphical representation of mouse clicks, and new to the latest release, keyboard commands. All combined, the result is unprecedented clarity for any type of "watch me do this" instruction. I've found it useful even for one-on-one situations, and I suspect in the classroom it would be indispensable. Good speakers and teachers are always interested in engaging as many senses as possible, and Mouseposé 2 takes visual interest to a whole new level.

Help authors will also want to examine its unique "talkthrough" feature that combines Mouseposé's visual tricks with Apple's text-to-speech capability. When you activate the talk-through, the program highlights and explains its own features and functions, while you sit back, listen, and learn. A very interesting approach that's completely consist with the product itself.

Posted: September 30, 2006 link to this item, Tweet this item, respond to this item