Admin: Back on the air

Dear friends, thanks for your patience during the recent slowdown, then complete stop, in updates to this site. As some of you know, I published a book with O'Reilly in the last few months, and this site suffered as a result of all the work that writing, and promoting, a book entails.

Secondly, after over nine years in Silicon Valley, my family and I have relocated to Chicago. We're living in the Bucktown area of the city, and very much enjoying it, but the move and getting adjusted to a new style of work -- telecommuting from a home office -- has also distracted me from the task at hand here.

Sadly, I've had to turn off the commenting system due to excessive spam and advertisements masquerading as real entries. Someday I'll take measures to stop the noise and turn the comments back on, but until then, you can contact me via the email link on the About page.

With the dust mostly settled, let's get back to taking a critical look at the user assistance and documentation industry. There's a lot to cover!

Posted: May 16, 2005 link to this item, Tweet this item, respond to this item