Nip/Tuck CD cuts to the chase

A promotional CD-ROM for the FX television series Nip/Tuck offers a no-nonsense approach to resolving technical problems:

They realistically assume that most users will take the free CD to work and view its contents on their employers computer. I can't imagine that many corporate IT departments are going to be very responsive to problems with the disc, and I'm betting they'll dish out a stern lecture to anyone who calls, but at least the CDs producers are pragmatic about referring users to someone who is most likely able, if not unwilling, to solve their problems.

But if you're being a good corporate citizen and using the software at home, you're on your own. If you encounter problems then use another computer that meets the (rather modest) system requirements (the one you have at work perhaps) and all will be well. Seems they have a lot of confidence in the software, but note the phrase "installation problems." Considering that the software doesn't require any installation -- it runs directly from the CD -- I guess they're secure in their assertion. Besides, they've basically just said to use another computer if they first one doesn't work, leading me to conclude that perhaps the producers are former IT Department staffers themselves.

Posted: July 4, 2004 link to this item, Tweet this item, respond to this item