FM Radio Launcher
This tiny AppleScript works around a conflict between Mac OS 8.5 and the Apple FM Radio application program. Here's the relevant information from the "About Mac OS 8.5" read me file from Apple:
FM Radio application and Appearance sounds
You may find that launching the FM Radio application after turning on Appearance Sounds disables sound. This can be remedied by turning off Appearance Sounds before launching the FM Radio application and turning them back on after the application is running
The FM Radio Launcher script automates the tedious task of turning off Appearance Sounds, opening the FM Radio, then turning Appearance Sounds back on again. Since you must do this each time you want to listen to the radio, it's the perfect candidate for AppleScript automation.
Put the FM Radio Launcher in your Apple Menu for easy access.
The first time you run the script you may be asked to locate the Appearance program (it is in the Control Panels folder, inside the System Folder) and the Apple FM Radio application (it is usually in the Applications folder).
You must have the Apple FM Radio application and Mac OS 8.5 to use this scriptlet.
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This script is freeware. It may be freely distributed without alteration.

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