These AppleScripts are designed for use with Mac OS 8.5's "Folder Actions" feature.These scripts will prevent users or programs from closing popup windows in the Finder. This is helpful for novice users who might accidentally dettach and close a popup window and then never be able to figure out how to restore it.
Copy the enclosed scripts to the Folder Actions folder inside the Scripts folder, inside your System Folder. You can put them at another location if you want, but they must reside on your local hard drive (not on a network drive). This is a requirement of all Folder Actions.
Attaching a Folder Action
To attach a Folder Action to a specific folder, you point to the folder and choose "Attach Folder Action" from the contextual menu. Then choose the action from the Open dialog.
Note: For more information about Folder Actions, choose Help Center from the Finder's Help menu, then search for Folder Actions.
Download Popup Window Folder Actions

These scripts may be freely copied and distributed. Comments and improvements are welcome.
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