Designed to keep predators out, and your bird captive inside, the cote ensures peace-of-mind while allowing you the quiet, odor-free environment you and your family deserve.


About the cote

What’s so great about the All-Weather Dove Cote? Read on...


Doves are expensive, and often hard to replace. Your doves will be happier than ever, and the cote provides a natural environment for breeding. You'll find that birds you've raised yourself are your best performers. (If you don't want additional birds, simply remove the eggs shortly after laying.)

Clear and concise plans

Originally published in 1980 as “Adian‘s All-Weather Dove Cote,” this all-new edition is professionally written and edited with computer-generated illustrations and complete English-unit measurements. Includes tips for dove care and training. 11 staple-bound pages with 9 illustrations. A sample illustration, showing the assembled cote from the front, is below:

No unusual tools are required

You can use the tools you already have, unlike those build-it-yourself shows on television. You'll need a hammer, screwdriver, power saw, staple gun, and a paintbrush. If you're better equipped, great. You'll be done even faster.

Common materials

Plywood, chicken wire, nails, screws, staples, and paint. Some sawhorses or an old picnic table to hold the finished cote. You can get everything you need from any home improvement store.


Depending on your climate, you can make the cote as weatherproof as you need. For mild weather, you'll need a few yards of canvas or vinyl. If you want to add the optional heater, you'll need a light bulb socket assembly and a bulb cover. For the ultimate protection, add some insulation and storm door inserts. You can make the cote a year-round home, or just for the milder months, if that's what you prefer.

Simple to build

If you've built similar sized projects, you can finish the cote over a weekend. If this is your first project, take it slow and spread it out over two or three. This isn't a race, you know. There are no complicated cuts or complex assemblies. When you're done, you'll stand back and admire your work. Many customers find that building the cote makes a great father-and-son (or mother-and-daughter) project, by the way.

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