Ordering the All-Weather Dove Cote Plans


Purchasing is easy, choose any of the options described below.



You can buy a printed copy, or save a few dollars and get an Acrobat (PDF) version you can view and print with your computer. (Acrobat Reader, free from Adobe, is required.)

  1. Printed copy - $9.00 US
    Includes delivery via First Class mail.

  2. Acrobat PDF copy - $7.00 US
    sent via e-mail or downloaded
    (free with purchase of printed copy upon request)

Payment options

You can order via the web using PayPal.

To order and pay by mail send a check, money order, or U.S. cash (at your own risk) to:

    Gordon Meyer

    PO Box 220220

    Chicago, IL 60622-0220

    United States of America

Write your check payable to Gordon Meyer. I cannot accept credit cards via the mail, sorry.

Other places to order from

Printed copies (only, not the PDF) are available from:

    Klamm Magic

    Independance, MO

    Orders: (800) 210-0800

Printed copies are also available from H&R Magic Books


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